KBS Beeswax Foundation

KBS foundation is the best foundation you can buy. We consistently produce foundation with a bright golden colour and with the natural sweet aroma of light beeswax. 

We use good quality cappings wax and mill the sheets with extra deep cell walls which make it more attractive for the bees. Because it is more difficult to make, most manufacturers prefer to produce the shallow walled sheets in common use.

Bees on a comb

Regularly replacing brood comb wax is the best way to avoid brood diseases and appears to invigorate them generally. Bees also winter well on new comb. Replacing old combs in the spring, before the bees occupy them is good practise and also helps to control early swarming. It is best to move old combs to the outer edges of the brood nest during the late summer and autumn and remove any unused comb early in the spring. Only give foundation as it is required, but be aware that a good colony can need more space for brood rearing very quickly if the weather warms and there is pollen and nectar coming in.